3 dead

The Albuquerque Police Department has been so mistrusted, for so long, that it really isn’t surprising that a handful of protesters (above) arrived to protest the 38th officer-involved shooting by the department since January of 2010.

The protesters need accept the reality, however, that not every officer-involved shooting is an excessive use of force.

Like the March 25 of Alfred Redwine, the suspect in this case, Mary Hawkes, apparently had a gun:

Police identified the woman shot as 19-year-old Mary Hawkes.

Eden said the officer approached Hawkes, who was the suspect in an auto theft. An officer spotted Hawkes running east on Zuni Road.

The officer chased her on foot for a short time. Eden said Hawkes pulled out a gun at close range, which is when the officer shot and killed her.

“An officer pursued on foot. When the suspect stopped, turned and pointed a hand gun at close range, the officer fired at the suspect,” said Eden.


Judging by the spread of three shots in the wall (above) and the spread-out location of evidence markers denoting expended brass shown during the video of the report, it appears that the situation developed from a chase to a close-range shooting very rapidly, with the officer firing on the move.  There is no reason to think that this incident was anything other than a “good shoot” caused by a criminal suspect that chose to draw a weapon instead of surrendering.

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Readers of Bearing Arms are likely familiar with the fact that the Albuquerque Police Department was under investigation for allegations of excessive use of force.