naked man

I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of the San Diego police officers that responded to this call, but I’m even moe glad that I didn’t see as much of the victim as everyone else did.

Keith Groves heard a crashing sound and then another at 4:22 a.m.

“I jumped out of bed,” he said. “I don’t sleep with any clothes on and I was stark naked. I looked out and saw the garage door was open and my kitchen window was broken.”

Groves ran back to the bedroom for one item: a handgun. He did not bother to dress.

“And I went outside with no clothes and saw this guy standing in the garage and I confronted him, tried to be as bad-looking as I possibly could, probably pretty funny-looking,” said Groves. “I yelled real loud to my neighbor, ‘Joel, call the cops.'”

The burglar was arrested, and Groves avoid concealed weapons charges.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.