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I believe it was a wise Buddhist philosopher that once said, “don’t start nuttin’, won’t be nuttin.'”

Mr. Sherdahl, I think you started a lot more than you could handle.

Investigators said they determined 53-year-old Elliot Sherdahl had gone to the Carman, Illinois home of 72-year-old Jack Taylor, where Sherdahl then allegedly drew a loaded pistol.

“Mr. Taylor then shot Mr. Sherdahl with a shotgun,” said a statement from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.  “Mr. Sherdahl sustained injuries to his hand and face.”

Sherdahl was taken by ground ambulance to an area hospital, and later flown by helicopter ambulance to a hospital in Iowa City.

The sheriff’s office statement said Sherdahl was charged with attempted murder and unlawful aggravated use of a weapon.

Mr. Taylor seemed to be a charter member in the “get off my lawn” club, and not a man to be trifled with lightly.

Elliot Sherdahl, this one’s for you.