The aging white mothers of Moms Demand Geritol would rather that Tabitha Qandil be a dead victim than a widowed survivor.

As you read the following story, you’ll note that all of the often-repeated claims made by the citizen control cult about what would happen when concealed carriers, bad guys, unarmed citizens and cops all converge turned out to be completely false.

  • Neither of the lawful concealed carriers shot the other.
  • Neither of the lawful concealed carriers shot innocent bystanders.
  • The good guys with guns stopped the bad guy from committing a murder, and perhaps a triple murder followed by a suicide.
  • The responding off-duty police officer in street clothes and on-duty uniformed officers who were the first responders did not get into a gunfight with the concealed carry permit holders.

Citizen control cultists have always promised a massacre when bad guys, concealed carriers, and cops converge. This was that “perfect storm” where all those elements came together, and only the bad guy died.


Cpl. Patricia Sullivan said Monday that 34-year-old Fadi Qandil was killed in the shooting outside Central Mall and 27-year-old Grayson Herrera was wounded.

Police said Qandil approached his estranged wife, Tabitha Qandil, 31, who was with two men -27-year-old Dustin O’Connor and 23-year-old Grayson Herrera.

Herrera and the other man also pulled out handguns and the three exchanged gunfire with Qandil and Herrera being hit.

No charges have been filed against the two men. Authorities believe the shooting was in self-defense. There was no history among the three men.

It’s almost like the gun control cult doesn’t understand concealed carriers and police officers any better they the understand the shoulder thing that goes up.