You are probably as sick as I am of the seemingly endless attempts of the mainstream media to push “smart gun” technology onto the public, but as long as they keep pushing it, I feel that we have a duty to call out the technological shortcomings of the immature and frankly dangerous technology.

The Washington Post has given Enrst Mauch, managing director of Armatix GmbH, op-ed space for a short rant about his respect for the Constitution and his desire to advance gun safety… by selling his guns to a captive audience, of course.

After an opening that toots his own proverbial horn as a successful weapons designer, Mauch discusses his respect for the Constitution:

I have a deep appreciation and respect for the United States’ firearms culture. This culture is devoted to the freedom to choose how you defend yourself and your family, and it is dedicated to resisting undue interference in these important personal decisions. The Constitution does more than state this in the abstract — it actively codifies the right to bear arms in recognition of this freedom.

Mauch conveniently skips over the fact that this “freedom to choose” has been eviscerated in New Jersey, which passed a state law that will mandate the sale of only “smart guns” once they are sold anywhere in the United States:

C.2C:58-2.5 Sale of personalized handguns, inapplicability.
4. a. On and after the first day of the sixth month following the preparation and delivery of the list of personalized handguns which may be sold in the State pursuant to section 3 of P.L.2002, c.130 (C.2C:58-2.4), no person registered or licensed by the superintendent as a manufacturer, wholesale dealer of firearms, retail dealer of firearms or agent or employee of a wholesale or retail dealer of firearms pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.2C:58-1 or N.J.S.2C:58-2 shall transport into this State, sell, expose for sale, possess with the intent of selling, assign or otherwise transfer any handgun unless it is a personalized handgun or an antique handgun.
b. The provisions of this section shall not apply to handguns to be sold, transferred, assigned and delivered for official use to: (1) State and local law enforcement officers of this State; (2) federal law enforcement officers and any other federal officers and employees required to carry firearms in the performance of their official duties and (3) members of the Armed Forces of the United States or of the National Guard.

The only exceptions to this law are for the police and military (which refuse to use such dangerously unreliable technology) and some handguns exempted for certain kinds of competitive shooting.

Mauch’s company would have a captive handgun audience in the state of New Jersey until other “smart gun” companies came along. does he really expect us to believe that this reality has no bearing on his push to have the technology forced down the throats of Americans?

That Mauch has the gall to claim he supports “freedom” in any way, shape, or form is repugnant.