Shannon Watts

Poor Shannon Watts.

She’s been desperately trying for over a year now to take enough of Michael Bloomberg’s money to make the world a place where wealthy 50+ suburban white liberal anti-gun women didn’t have to occasionally face icky white suburban men who legally own firearms.

She’s now apparently gone off the deep end from paranoia into full-blown insanity. In her attempt to bully very successful Mexican restaurant Chipotle into going beyond what state laws mandate regarding the carry of firearms, Watts whipped this visual out.


Our friends at Twitchy latched on to the story (see what I did there?), and Tweeps have been mocking Watts incessantly as a result.

We understand that Watts must be under incredible stress as she attempts to undermine the Constitution and spread her ignorance and fear of firearms to others. It’s sad to see the rest of her sanity failing all the same, and we hope that the miniature former Mayor of New York that is funding her subversive group offers good mental health care.