At least three people who identified themselves as members of a local police department attempted to force their way into a Georgia resident’s home.

They didn’t count on her opening the door with a gun in her hand and getting off shots before they could bring their gun into play:

Police say one of the suspects raised a handgun, but the woman fired first.
“I heard three gunshots,” said neighbor Ramona Ferrell. “I knew it was gunshots. It was very close.”
A juvenile suspect was grazed on the head and the backside. He ran, but police caught up to him quickly.
“I just hope the boy is OK,” said the resident.
The two other men got away. 
Neighbors say there has been a rash of break-ins recently. They said days earlier someone tried to break into an apartment in the same building where the shooting happened.

The woman made the tactical mistake of opening the door. I don’t know if she had a functioning peephole, but most apartments do. If ever faced with a similar situation, I’d likely refuse to answer the door, and loudly announce that I was calling 911 to verify that a police unit is actually. If they are real cops, I suspect that they’ll understand and will wait the few seconds to few minutes it will take for the dispatcher to verify a cop at your location. If they are fake cops, they’ll either leave, or they’ll be at a disadvantage if they attempt to breach the door with an alert and armed homeowner waiting on the other side of the doorway.

Doorways aren’t called “the fatal funnel” for nothing.