Well, Make Mine A Nine certainly brought out every bogus 1911/.45 ACP argument ever made, and it reminded me of this video by YouTuber absuperman.

If we pretend that it is still the 1920s, and that there is nothing else available except full metal jacket ammunition, and that there aren’t far more modern designs than single-stack pistols, then perhaps the argument that the 1911 is the “king of the hill” might have some merit. But the last I checked there are other options out there on this side of World War II.

The reality of the matter is that 1911s are heavy, prone to jamming, have a relatively low round count, are magazine sensitive, and tend to require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Going to a double-stack 1911 tends to fix the low-capacity issue, but that’s about all.

If you want to believe your grandfather’s anecdotes about the superiority of the 1911 over all pistols before or since, by all means, don’t let me dissuade you by pointing out that there are dozens of handguns that surpass it in terms of price, concealability, ergonomics, reliability, and capacity.

If you want to believe the claims that the .45 ACP FMJ cartridge is a ” one-shot man-stopper” despite the laws of physics and medical data, by all means enjoy those delusions as well.

The 1911 is a fun gun to own. I’m sure I’ll purchase more of them in the future.

But it isn’t the 1920s, and I’m not going to limit my defensive pistol options to a 1911 any more than I’d limit my defensive rifle options to a 1903 Springfield when I can have an AR-15.

Likewise, I’m not going to limit my ammunition to .45 FMJ when modern defensive ammunition such a EFMJs and hollowpoints have nearly leveled the playing field in terms of penetration and permanent crush cavity across the most common pistol calibers.

Let the hate begin!

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