Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was more than happy to ram through blatantly unconstitutional gun control laws when his Democrat allies in the legislature rammed them through in a knee-jerk reaction to the Aurora Colorado theater shooting.

He may soon be regretting that support, as Republican candidate Bob Beauprez has now tied him in the polls, and may surge ahead thanks to Hickenlooper’s embrace of left-wing gun control politics:

“People’s constitutional rights, their liberty,” Beaupreaz charged, “is being trampled over and over again at the state level.”

One of the biggest turning points in Hickenlooper’s popularity came in 2013 when Colorado’s Democratic-controlled legislature passed what was then reported to be the strictest gun control measures in the country.

As the governor pointed out recently, the measures were a response to the mass shooting carried out by J____ H_____* in an Aurora movie theater the year before. “We didn’t want any family going through what they already had to go through,” he said.

The reaction from gun rights supporters was swift. For the first time in state history, two senators, including the Senate majority leader, were voted out in recall elections.

If Hickenlooper does lose, I suspect that he’ll be able to thank his tendency to chase contemporary polling data instead of taking a principled stand for the constitutional rights of his constituents in Colorado, including their right to bear arms.

*Bearing Arms does not publish the names of mass shooters.