Hang on to your hats, folks, because this one is a doozy.

Melchisedec “Maya” Williams is legally blind, with no sight at all in his right eye due to glaucoma, and only limited vision remaining in his left eye.

He took in a troubled 15-year-old great-nephew who had been in and out of juvenile detention facilities because no other relatives would let the teen live with them after they boy’s mother went to prison.

Mr. Williams put a roof over his young relative’s head and food in his belly, but the teen seemed to resent his great-uncle for his charity, instead of being thankful for it.

Tensions rose to a breaking point when Mr. Williams—who says he is gay—told the teen’s mother that he overheard conversations between the boy and another young man which suggested to Williams the boy is also gay. The teen disappeared from Williams’s home… but Williams is convinced that the boy came back Sunday night to kill him for telling the boy’s mother about his suspected sexuality.

“All of a sudden my power go off,” said Melchisedec “Maya” Williams. “I’m like, ‘wait a minute, what is going on?’ Then I hear the footsteps come in the house.”

Williams grabbed his gun and headed toward the sound of the shattered glass. He could see a light and a shadowy figured and asked the person whether he was his great-nephew, but didn’t get an answer.

“So I just shot where the light was at and I heard him say, ‘ahhh!,’ Williams told FOX 13.

Police said the teenager had armed himself with a knife from Williams’ kitchen. Williams believes his great nephew had a friend with him who was also armed.

“Honestly I think they was coming in to try to kill me,” he said, adding he thinks the teen was angry at him and wanted to retaliate. “Cutting the power off to my house, arming themselves with two steak knives, that’s the only thing I could see that was coming to do, to do me bodily harm.”

Williams fired a single shot at the flashlight that was the only thing he could see in the darkened house.

The bullet hit the teen in the leg and pierced an artery. The boy stumbled outside and collapsed in the front yard of a neighbor. She called 911. The troubled teen lost a great deal of blood, but paramedics were able to  stop the bleeding and get him to a nearby hospital. He’s presently in serious condition, and is expected to recover.

The boy’s grandmother and Mr. Williams both hope that the near-death experience is enough to convince the boy to change his ways.

This would seem to be a clear-cut case of self-defense… but the case only gets stranger from here.

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