This young couple in Springfield, Missouri were two of the latest victims of trend towards large gang attacks on individuals and small groups.

Both suffered serious injuries, but survived thanks largely to the young man’s refusal to give up and stay down. All the criminals escaped, even though police officers were on the scene in seconds (which almost never occurs).

If the officers had not been there, there is a good chance that the young man and possibly the young woman would have been beaten to death in what authorities think may have been a race motivated hate crime.

Now, how quickly do you think this assault might have been over if one of the victims had produced a semi-automatic pistol when the assault began, and started putting projectiles into criminals, only slowing briefly to speed load with a spare magazine?

We don’t have to speculate.

A similar attack occurred in Milwaukee several days ago, and ended when one of the “victims” pulled his concealed weapon and shot one of the criminals dead. The rest of the cowardly criminals fled, leaving their buddy behind. Once that toe-tagged criminal was identified, the rest of his gang was easily rolled up by police.

Citizen control cultists don’t think that you “need” a concealed weapon, a semi-automatic carbine, or standard capacity magazines, and they certainly don’t want to to get the training to fight with these self-defense weapons effectively.

They think you should be disarmed and defenseless.

What do you think?

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