A Greenville, Michigan homeowner awoke to a drunk nude man in his home and armed himself with a shotgun while yelling at the neighbors to call police.

The naked man then reportedly said that he wasn’t afraid of police and attempted to either grab or swat away the shotgun.

This was not a very wise decision, and had a predictable outcome.

A 27-year-old man who walked naked into a Greenville home, before he was shot and killed after a confrontation with the homeowner, had been drinking in earlier hours.

The man who was shot to death has been identified as John Sherman Russell III of Gowen.

Greenville Public Safety Director Mark Reiss said the homeowner found the naked man sleeping on his couch sometime after 7 a.m.

The homeowner went to get a shotgun, then tried waking Russell.

“The homeowner says the man got quite belligerent and at some point combative, then either grabbed or swatted the barrel of the shotgun,” Reiss said.

“The homeowner then discharged one round into his torso,” he said.

Russell was pronounced dead at the scene, 105 South Barry St.

Authorities are still investigating the scene, and it seems unlikely that the homeowner will face charges. It isn’t clear from the reporting if the shot was intentional or merely reflexive, but either would appear to be legal under both versions of castle doctrine (centuries old common law and also Michigan’s newer statutory implementation).

If you make the decision to click the link and read the full story (which includes eyewitness statements from a neighbor), continue down to the comments, where someone named “summer” is attempting to argue that the homeowner—not the naked, belligerent and apparently drunk home invader—is at fault and should be brought up on charges because he chose to arm himself against a naked stranger in his home.

Police officers are very family with people like “summer.”

They draw chalk outlines around them far more often than they would like.