branson pharmacy

An armed robber attempted to score prescription drugs in an attempted robbery of a family pharmacy near Branson, Missouri. We’ll give him “partial credit” for his attempt to acquire drugs. The robbery itself was a complete failure, but the bullet wound he picked up from an armed employee during the robbery likely resulted in the issuance of a limited amount of prescription painkillers at the hospital before he’s transfered to the local jail.

According to the Taney County Sheriff’s Office an employee of Family Pharmacy, armed with his own handgun, fired one shot at the suspect — hitting him in the side.

“When this individual went in the store, brandishing a gun and pointing it at people, they didn’t know whether he might try to shoot them [or not]. They… were in fear of their lives,” says Taney County Sheriff, Jimmie Russell

“So when this employee stepped around and fired a shot, he definitely turned the robber’s attention away from doing the robbery to making him flee. As long as you’ve got store owners or store employees who are well trained and proficient with fire arms, more power to them,” Russell says.

Investigators say the suspect fired back multiple times while running out the door, but no one was hurt.

You’ll note that in this instance, as in most instances involving shots fired, it is the shooter who fires the first accurate shots on target that is generally victorious.

Never pull a weapon until you absolutely have to, but once you determine that your life or the life of another is in immediate mortal danger, it is imperative to get good hits, even if it means taking that extra half-second to make sure that you’re going to place the bullets where you want them.

Focus intently on your front sight, and press the trigger until it breaks.

This takes practice, folks. Shooting—especially shooting handguns—is a very perishable skill. You don’t have to live at the range, but if you don’t engage in dry fire practice for at least a few minutes every week, don’t expect your shots to go where you need them to when the targets start shooting back.