More than 40 Americans who fought for the Islamic terrorist caliphate (ISIS) have reentered the United States, and the FBI Director says that he is powerless to stop them from doing so.

An unknown number of ISIS, Hezbollah, and Hamas terrorists have slipped over our undefended southern border over the past decade, and a California congressman claims that ten ISIS terrorists have been captured recently as they infiltrated from Mexico.

The Obama Administration is denying reports that ISIS terrorists have massed in Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, Texas, and that the terrorist cell is plotting vehicle-born improvised explosive device (VBIED) attacks against targets in the American southwest.

If that wasn’t bad enough, race and police/community relations have deteriorated in many parts of the nation, and there are several major cities where riots or random mob attacks have become legitimate security concerns of ordinary residents.

We live in “interesting times.”

I’ve talked to a number of gun owners in recent months who have told me that they are upgrading their choice of “everyday carry” (EDC) firearms as a result of the failure of the Obama Administration to even put up an appearance of attempting to stop terrorist and criminal threats.

I’ve chosen to join them.

I’ve traded in the above “EDC lite” configuration for a configuration that roughly doubles my personal practical shooting range, and triples my available ammunition.

Instead of a “pocket nine” with one spare magazine totaling 13 rounds, I’m carrying a full-size pistol and two spare magazines, totaling 46 rounds of ammunition. It’s just as comfortable to carry and faster for me to access, and the only clothing adjustment I had to make is adding an untucked over-shirt shirt to my normal “tee and jeans” attire. I’ve also added a slim but powerful 500 lumen tactical light to handle transitions from light to dark, make the unknown, known, and help disorient potential threats in low-light conditions.

I’m fortunate that I have a body configuration (tall and thin) where I can easily hide full-size handguns, and I have a work wardrobe that allows me to dress so that I can use an OWB holster (this holster, along with the two mag pouches, are from Statureman Custom Holsters). I could just as easily order a IWB holster, and may order one from Statureman soon.

Now, are the odds of me  or any other concealed carrier running into a terrorist attack, random mob attack, or riot particularly high?

Not at all, as individuals.

But mob attacks are occurring in Memphis and elsewhere. Counter-terrorism experts agree that ISIS and other Islamic terror groups are plotting “soft target” attacks against schools, malls, theaters, and stadiums, and ISIS is encouraging American Islamists to carry out “lone wolf” attacks. And of course, we have “community activists” promising riots if they don’t get the judicial lynchings they desire in Ferguson, Missouri.

It’s not fun living in a world where the government is more concerned about the optics of political correctness than providing security to the citizenry, but that is our current situation.

Are you doing anything to adapt?