The guys at Tactical Response are reporting that they have seen multiple failures of the Tapco G2 trigger system in AKMs, and they clearly think it is junk.

I find this a bit surprising.

G2 triggers are easily one of the most widely used AK triggers in the U.S. market, and are used by the vast majority of people without issue.

Tapco says point-blank on their site that the G2  isn’t compatible with two “economy” Nodak Spud receivers (NDS-3 and NDS-65), and that there are reports of double fires with the G2 in these receivers. Are these receivers being used in the rifles that fail at Tactical Reponse? They don’t say.

It is also well-known that amateurs attempt to “tune” G2 triggers by grinding away various parts of the trigger and/or hammer to “smooth it out.” Many are making mods by grinding away parts of the trigger group that the professionals don’t touch. Shouldn’t that be a huge red flag, right there?

The guys at the AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 have hundreds of thousands of rounds downrange and seem a bit skeptical that the trigger is to blame, as does Jim Fuller, who uses G2 triggers in high-end Rifle Dynamics AKMs, and who says that he’ll be releasing a statement “soon.”

With all due respect to the guys at Tactical Response—who have a lot more trigger time with the AKM platform than I do—it seems highly likely that the real issue is incompetent amateurs with a grinder, not a problem with the equality of the trigger system itself.


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