Only “gun violence.” How oddly specific.

She doesn’t seem nearly as concerned about the far more common verbal abuse of women, or the far more common physical violence committed against women committed using hands and feet.

She isn’t campaigning against knife violence against women, or blunt object violence against women, and doesn’t seem concerned at all about the 830,000 cases of domestic violence committed by women against men every year. Guys and girls, if you’re being abused but aren’t being shot at, you aren’t on Gabby’s radar.

“Gun violence” is just a fabricated term. Gun violence against women is just a marketing angle, designed to prey upon emotion.

There are seven dead women in northwestern Indiana who likely would have loved the opportunity to defend themselves against a recently-apprehended and as-yet-unnamed serial killer who strangled them to death.

The harsh reality is that the average man is taller, heavier, stronger, and has much more muscle mass than the average woman. In a fair fight, the average woman is going to lose to the average man far more times than she will be able to win. When a violent man arms himself—with any weapon—the odds of an average, unarmed woman prevailing becomes almost insurmountable.

A responsible woman will make the choice to arm herself with a firearm for the defense of herself or her children, avail herself of training, and develop the mental attitude that she will not be a victim.

But be honest, Gabby, and answer me a simple question: Isn’t a trained and armed woman in much better control of her destiny, and much more likely to survive a violent confrontation with any aggressor than one who simply holds up empty hands and screams in fear?

You know the answer, Gabby.

You just don’t want to admit it.