Gene Higdon, the founder of High Speed Gear, Inc (HSGI), has decide to come out of retirement and go back to work, returning to his roots in leatherwork.

Earlier today, Mean Gene Leather quietly launched on Facebook.

Mean Gene Leather’s initial signiture product is the MGL Barbarian Gun Belt.

The Barbarian is a handmade leather and ballistic nylon gunbelt designed for the every-day carry (EDC) market, featuring the quick-release COBRA buckle favored by a number of tactical professionals.

Mean Gene Leather is also offering a handsome Shooter’s Belt with a more traditional buckle.

Mean Gene Leather has other products in the pipeline to be announced at a later time.

Mean Gene Leather products will be made to order, and sold via War Sport Industries and G-Code.

Gene does beautiful work with top quality components, and I’m far from being the only one excited to see him return to doing what he loves.