A woman with a concealed carry permit turned the tables on an armed robber in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon, sending him running for his life.

A Milwaukee woman fought back against a would-be robber Thursday afternoon.

When he pulled a gun, she pulled out hers and opened fire.

Officers at District 4 are looking for a man who tried to rob the 36-year-old woman near 80th Street and Green Tree Road.

Investigators blocked off the area and had evidence markers near several shell casings.

WISN 12 News was told that when the man tried to rob the woman, she fired her gun at him several times.

The woman was not injured in the exchange of gunfire, and it doesn’t appear that the would-be robber was struck either.

We can hope that the criminal learns from this experience, and decides that a life of crime isn’t a safe way to make a living.

Citizens like this unidentified woman are part of the reason that violent crime continues to decline as the number of Americans carrying concealed weapons continue to grow.

Nicely done, ma’am.