A woman, her shooting partner, and their cameraperson are lucky to be alive. Her M1 Garand detonated after she failed to check the barrel for an obstruction due to an apparent squib round, and she attempted to fire another shot.

Both shooters are firing their Garands when there is an apparent lack of recoil when she fires at 00:12 into the video. She is obviously aware that something is amiss and seems to check the chamber, but does not unload the rifle to check for the presence of a barrel obstruction.

She raises the rifle and fires it again, causing a catastrophic weapon failure. Parts of the weapon fly in all directions.

The video then terminates. It is unknown how severe the woman’s injuries might be, or if she was incredibly fortunate and avoided injury at all. Both the woman’s shooting partner and cameraperson also flinch, and it is unknown if either of them were injured.

When you are shooting you need to be cognizant of the sound and feel of your firearm when it fires. If the recoil feels abnormally light, and/or the sound you associate with it firing sounds unusually soft, stop shooting immediately, unload your firearm, and check for a barrel obstruction. Squib loads with either no powder or low powder charges can sometimes leave a bullet lodged in the barrel.

The best way to confirm that there is or isn’t a barrel obstruction is to run a cleaning rod through the barrel.

Squib loads are not very common with modern factory loaded ammunition, and are typically the result of reloads or military surplus ammunition.

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