A criminal was shot and later died after attempting to invade this Lakewood, Washington home a second time in a matter of minutes. The homeowner had broken free and grabbed a gun, and was waiting when they returned. 

A trio of armed Washington State home invaders attacked the wrong house apparently looking for drugs, tying up the couple inside.

Apparently realizing they were not at the correct location the three dim-witted felons stepped outside to converse, at which point the man of the house managed to break free, grab his gun, and lock the door.

When the enraged criminals then tried to shoot their way back into the home, the homeowner was more than ready.

Police say a violent home invasion in Lakewood Tuesday that ended with the death of one of the suspects was a case of mistaken identity. One of the remaining two suspects is in custody.

Police say the three men broke into the Lakewood home, assaulted the couple living there and tied them up. The husband was allegedly pistol whipped and the wife was cut on her hand.

The couple managed to break free and get to the bedroom, where the husband grabbed a handgun and shot one of the suspects.

The homeowner feared he and his wife might be murdered.

“They had threatened to kill us a number of times when they held us down,” said homeowner Harry Lodholm.

You don’t get much more clearly justified than a double home invasion where the residents knew that their attackers were armed and had murderous intent.

The three criminals fled, one suffering from a fatal gunshot wound. The two surviving thugs dumped the body of Taijon Voorhees in an apartment parking lot later that night. One of the surviving criminals, Duprea Wilson, Jr, was dumb enough to talk openly about the crime, and someone turned him in. Wilson was charged with manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping, and assault. It should be a slam-dunk case, as Wilson was captured in possession of jewelry belonging to Mrs. Lodham.

The third member of the home invasion crew is on the run, but it seems to be only a matter of time until he is captured by authorities.

Authorities are reasonably certain that the criminals did not acquire their guns via the new “universal” background checks mandated under I-594, stunning precisely no one with a functioning brain.