Pooh’s Corner in south St. Louis is apparently known locally for being a “cop bar” where off-duty law enforcement officers are frequent patrons. As a general rule of thumb, establishments frequented by law enforcement officers are a bad place to target for an armed robbery, as group of criminals found out last night in a shootout that left four bar patrons and two of three suspects injured.

One of the bar patrons is in critical condition.

The shooting occured late Tuesday night at Pooh’s Corner located in the 6000 block of Virginia Avenue. Around 11p.m., three suspects walked into the bar and told everyone to get on the floor. At least one suspect had a gun. According to police, that suspect put the gun up to the head of the female customer and shot her. At that point, a city police officer, who was a patron at the time, pulled out his gun and shot the suspect.

Moments later, a shoot out began.

The three other customers who were shot, including the off-duty officer, have non-life threatening injuries. Police also say one suspect was shot in the eye.

The other two suspects fled the scene in a blue Dodge Magnum.

One of those suspects showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. After claiming he had been shot at a different location, he admitted to being involved in the shooting at the bar.

The off-duty officer who shot both suspects is among the wounded but wasn’t seriously injured.

If the 63-year-old woman in critical condition does not recover, the three robbery suspects will face likely face first-degree murder charges.

A robber was shot and captured by a retired officer at the same location in 2008 in another attempted robbery.

Another robber was shot and killed by a narcotics detective in the same bar during an attempted robbery in 1995.