His name is Derek Amoroso, but I don’t think he’ll be amorous with anyone for a while, after collecting a bullet in the groin when he invaded the wrong house.

A home invasion suspect was shot in the groin by a homeowner in Centuria, Wisconsin in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.

Justin Schilling, 33, called 911 at 5:13 a.m. after waking up to someone pounding on his door. Schilling told police he grabbed his handgun before getting out of bed. Moments later, the suspect kicked in the door and attacked him, ignoring the armed homeowner’s orders to get down on the ground. During the struggle, Schilling shot the suspect in the groin and leg area.

Polk County deputies met with Schilling outside of the home on Main Street. Deputies entered the home and found 25-year-old Derek Amoroso lying on the kitchen floor with a single gunshot wound.

Amoroso is very lucky to be alive considering the major arteries that run through that part of the anatomy. He was ground-transported to one hospital before being airlifted to another, suggesting that the wound isn’t something he’ll be recovering from quickly.

Authorities are looking at the shooting as a clear case of self defense and do not expect to file any charges against Schilling.

From a tactical perspective, Schilling is very lucky to have retained control of his weapon after Amoroso attacked him.

While Schilling’s attempt to avoid firing if possible was commendable, it is reasonable to assume that a person who ignores the warning of a homeowner is a potential lethal force threat, and should be engaged (if possible) with enough shots to end the threat before the offender gets within contact range.