We’ve run this video before, but it seems incredibly relevant in the wake of today’s coordinated small arms terrorist attack in Paris against a newspaper.

Such an attack is going to happen here.

Will it be against a shopping mall, like in Nairobi?

Will it be against a packed concert venue, or stadium with tens of thousands of spectators trapped in the stands?

Will it be against not just a classroom, but a coordinated attack against an entire school, like the Beslan Massacre?

Might it be something worse?

When it comes—and it will come—local police alone aren’t going to be able to contain the attack on their own.

Get trained. Get equipped. Get fit.

As these counter-terrorism experts note, it may fall to you to attempt to take down terrorists and save your community’s children.

Realistically, are you prepared?

Whether or not we are interested in Islamic terrorism, Islamic terrorism does have a clear interest in us.