A woman armed with a knife attempted to rob an Arby’s in Vernal, Utah, but a customer with a handgun took exception to her behavior, and held her at gunpoint until police arrived:

Shortly before noon, a woman with a knife arrived at the Arby’s at 1141 W. Highway 40 and allegedly demanded money, according to a Vernal Police Department news release. During the robbery, a man arrived at the Arby’s, then went back to his vehicle, returned with a handgun and confronted the woman, according to the police.

Officers arrived and detained both of them, but “immediately determined” that the man had detained the woman, according to the news release.

“The Vernal Police would like to thank the concerned citizen for his immediate action,” the news release reads. “The Vernal Police would also like to point out that personal safety is always the priority, and that citizens must recognize that any person holding a firearm upon their arrival is apparently involved until proven different.”

It will probably come as a shock to no one that the woman arrested, Stephanie Lee Lente, 37, was arrested on drug charges in addition to the armed robbery, and that she has a lengthy criminal record, including other drug-crime related convictions.

Like the majority of defensive guns uses, the armed citizen in this case didn’t need to discharge his weapon to thwart his crime, so this only makes the local news as a minor story. You’ll certainly never see this sort of story repeated in the national news, because there is not controversy to fabricate or sell to drive ratings.

This was nothing more or less than another case of a good guy with a gun choosing to act to stop a violent crime and help complete strangers… that’s certainly not newsworthy.