Details are still very sketchy on this active shooter* story out of Houston, Texas, but we’ll share what the early media accounts are telling us.

According to law enforcement, two men who were arguing inside Mien Tay Quan restaurant were asked to leave. One of the men then apparently retrieved a firearm and came back to the restaurant firing his weapon. An investigator for Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan who was having dinner in the restaurant as a customer then pulled his concealed weapon and engaged the shooter, killing him as he came through the doorway. 

Authorities have released very little information about the incident so far. Images posted to twitter from KHOU’s Drew Karedes from inside the Vietnamese restaurant shows tables full of food, suggesting that the restaurant had numerous customers during the attack.

It is very fortunate that no one other than the attacker was killed in the shootout.

At this time we do not have a reason for the attack, don’t know how many people were in the restaurant, and don’t know the identity of the attacker.

What we do know is that a good guy with a gun stopped an active shooter who was coming through the doorway of a restaurant with his gun blazing, and that lives were saved as a result of the customer drawing his weapon and killing the attacker before he was able to put accurate rounds on target.