As a followup to our mud testing video, we took the AR, M1A, and MAS 49/56 and ran them through a blowing sand and dirt test using a pile of Arizona desert sand and an air compressor. Which one(s) will work and which won’t? Is the M1A really the pinnacle of reliability the internet says it is?

I had my suspicions of how this test might bear out, and I was right in regards to how the AR-15 and M1A would perform. Then again, those are the two rifles in the test I have the most experience with so far, and I’ve seen what it takes to cause them to seize up. I have friends with the MAS 49/56, though, and based on what little I’ve seen of that rifle, I  thought that it would perform a bit better than it did.

You can check out the full video at the new gun video site Full 30, where a good cross-section of YouTube’s top gun channels have decided to form their own venture.

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