The more you dive into researching the actual history of the Second Amendment, the more you understand that it was specifically written to include more technologically advanced weaponry.

Steven Crowder points out that the Second Amendment was written at a time when private citizens could acquire multi-shot rifles, multi-shot pistols, crew-served weapons that were the forerunners of modern auto-cannon and machine guns, hand grenades, rockets, cannon, mortars, howitzers, torpedoes, submarines, and ships-of-the-line… 18th century battleships that were the “weapons of mass destruction” of their time, capable of leveling coastal cities.

The Founders never intended to limit the citizenry to single-shot muskets, which were already technologically old-hat at the time the Bill of Rights was created. They clearly wanted the citizenry armed with the best weapons of contemporary military utility that they could afford to buy.

It’s too bad the historically-ignorant (and/or intentionally dishonest) forces of gun control refuse to admit and deal with these unquestioned facts.

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