The state senates of Kansas, New Hampshire, and West Virginia, have all passed version of so-called “constitutional carry” bills that will allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms without first obtaining a special permit from law enforcement agencies.

Supporters of the legislation in Kansas pointed out that permitless open carry was already the law of the land, and that citizens shouldn’t have to get a permit to simply put on a coat that might conceal the same firearm. They also pointed out the absurdity of requiring law-abiding citizens to get a permit, when criminals were going to carry weapons illegally, regardless of laws. The bill now heads to the Kansas House.

Already one of the safest states in the nation, the New Hampshire Senate passed a constitutional carry bill on a party line vote, with anti-liberty Democrats once again in opposition to reasserted gun rights. The bill now heads to the New Hampshire House.

In West Virginia, the Senate passed constitutional carry legislation in an overwhelming bipartisan 32-2 vote, where once again the only opposition came from a pair of anti-liberty Democrats. The West Virginia legislation also drops the age requirement to carry a concealed weapon from 21 to 18.

Currently, residents of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, and Wyoming (for residents) have constitutional carry, while five other states recognize a limited form of constitutional carry. A total of 21 states have had some form of constitutional carry proposed within recent years.

The mainstream media seems to be ignoring this trend as much as they possibly can. We’re forced to speculate that their relative silence is because they don’t want the typically, unaware Kardashian-watching general public to know that firearms laws are largely trending away from gun control and towards freedom.

We’re not winning all the battles—I-594 was a clear defeat in left-leaning Washington state—but liberty supporters are clearly winning the wider war against anti-gun politicians.