Scenario: Run 400 yards. Run 50 more, and grab four rounds of ammo.  Run back to the firing platform (that’s 500 yards total), and then engage targets at 100, 300, 400, and 500 yards with one shot each as your pulse is pounding at 120-140 beats per minute. If you miss any of these shots, you have to run 50 yards to pick up another four rounds of ammo.

How would you do? I think that I might make the initial 500 yards of running without having a heart attack, and might even hit the 100 yard target. 300 yards and beyond? I don’t think that it would go very well for me.

That’s just one of the scenarios on the premier episode of the new NRA video series, I Am Forever. In the series, a Green Beret sniper and a multi-disciplinary athletics coach are going to attempt to turn a high school athlete into a competitive shooter… and if you follow along, they promise you develop into a shooter-athlete as well over the course of ten episodes.

The shooter-athlete paradigm is a going to be a new one for folks that are used to thinking of shooting as a stationary activity.

Even more difficult is finding a place to practice it in most areas. Somehow, I don’t think my range safety officer is going to be very happy to have shooters running up and down the firing line.

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