No longer worried about putting up a moderate facade now that he’s a lame duck, President Obama is finally letting his disdain for the Second Amendment show:

Increased gun control measures would go a long way toward cutting down on America’s homicide rate, President Obama said during a town-hall event on Friday.

“Our homicide rates are so much larger than other industrialized countries, by like a mile,” he said during a speech at Benedict College in South Carolina.

“Most of that is attributable to the easy, ready availability of firearms, particularly handguns.”

But is Obama telling the truth about American homicide rates?

Of course he isn’t.

The United States of America, with more guns per person than any nation on Earth ranks 111th—that’s one hundred eleventh—in terms of per capital intentional homicide rates.

Almost all of the 110 nations that rank worse than the United States in terms of intentional homicide are the socialist paradises that Barack Obama so reveres.

Make sure to watch the Bill Whittle all the way through, where you’ll learn that the United States would be the safest nation on Earth even with all our firearms… if it wasn’t for the stunning murder rates of Democrat-run, gun control-obsessed cities.