A home invader chose the wrong target Friday evening in Fayetteville, NC, and was treated to a bullet as a result.

A homeowner shot a man Friday evening who had broken into his Fayetteville home, authorities said.

Authorities said the homeowner, whose identity was not released, was home when a 27-year-old man forcibly broke into the residence on Mayview Street just before 5:15 p.m.

The homeowner shot the man as he entered the home, according to investigators.

The burglar’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

It appears from the WRAL report that the homeowner had a gun nearby or on his person when the home invader attempted to break in, giving him a distinct advantage and dramatically increasing the odds that he would prevail in the confrontation.

We know that many people who conceal carry go straight to the gun safe when they return home and lock away their handguns, but we also know quite a few—many of them instructors, truth be told—who wear their concealed carry gun even inside their own home.

There are others that have firearms placed in specialized hidden objects (picture frames, furniture, etc), or have quick access gun safes in several strategic locations in their home.

We know a number of people who have gone the “hidden gun” route, but we’re against them for two reasons.

The first is that these are typically not secure. If a child finds the object, there is nothing that blocks their accessing the firearm other than a simple latch. Even worse, most experienced burglars know exactly what these objects are and they actively seek them out; you may as well put up a neon sign with an arrow beside it that says “GUN HERE –>.”

Small handgun safes with keypad or biometric locks are just as fast to access, but are much more secure, and can typically be mounted to a stud in the wall or to the interiors of cabinetry.

Go the smart route. Your “hidden” guns aren’t hidden from the very people you most want to hide them from.