A Jacksonville homeowner and a police officer arrived at the man’s house at the same time after children inside reported that burglars were breaking in. The homeowner and officer conferred briefly and then swept around opposite side of the home and encountered the burglars, then all heck broke loose.

Police are still trying to determine who shot the suspect — police or the homeowner — and who fired possibly toward the officer. The officer said he thought gunfire came from the 17-year-old he had confronted, but police said they’ve now determined he didn’t have a gun. It could have come from the homeowner or the second suspect who got away.

Police said it’s possible the second suspect also could have been shot.

The wounded and captured suspect is not being identified by the Times-Union because he’s a juvenile and did not shoot at the officer. He was treated and released from UF Health Jacksonville. He is charged with armed burglary in the break-in after police found a shotgun inside the home.

Hackney said the teen has an extensive criminal history and may be affiliated with a gang.

Thursday he said the 17-year-old was possibly shot by Officer Matthew Krueger after being caught coming out of a window, wouldn’t comply and was thought to have been shooting at him. Krueger fired four shots outside the home.

The homeowner also fired a pistol and rifle from his yard at the scene. He was not charged and is not being identified by the Times-Union because the second intruder is still being sought. His home was burglarized a day earlier and guns were stolen. He kept the pistol and rifle he used in his vehicle.

The homeowner’s twin children hid as the burglars broke in, and were on the phone with 911 as the officer and homeowner converged on the scene.

It isn’t clear from this article if the firearms stolen from the home previously were locked up in a gun safe, but (suspected) gang-bangers aren’t generally known for their safe-cracking skills. Occam’s Razor suggests that the weapons in the home weren’t adequately secured. It also seems likely that the burglars carried as many firearms as they could get away with in the first burglary, and thought that an audacious second raid in as many days would give them a chance to grab more guns before the homeowner could obtain a better gun storage system.

They might have gotten away with it, too, if the homeowners twins weren’t there to tip off authorities to the crime as it began.

Hopefully the injured criminal will turn in his accomplice, or the second burglar will be apprehended at an area hospital if injured in the exchange of gunfire.

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