A Georgia man is being called a hero after shooting a carjacker, possibly saving the life of the woman who owned the car, who was clinging desperately to the vehicle’s hood.

Surveillance camera at Fast Track Car Wash in Smyrna, Georgia, captured the drama Friday afternoon as the concealed carrier saw the car being stolen with the woman clinging to the hood. He pulled his weapon from a holster under the waistband of his shirt and sprinted after the car before opening fire, striking the carjacker and bringing the chase to a sudden halt.

Police tell FOX 5 that man was a city of Smyrna employee who happened to be at the car wash; officers say he fired at the suspect as he was about to drive out of the business and onto Highlands Parkway. The suspect was shot in the shoulder, officers say.

On Sunday, police confirmed that the suspect was a juvenile and his name will not be released. He is is charged with aggravated assault and theft by taking a motor vehicle.

“The guy that got shot– he was falling out of the car holding his chest, shivering and shaking, and flopped onto the ground,” says Fast Trac worker Chris Roberts.

The juvenile carjacker was arrested and faces charges aggravated assault and theft by taking a motor vehicle. Authorities are looking for a number of suspects in a burgundy minivan that were accomplices. I highly suspect that we are once again looking for criminal masterminds Dindu Nuffin and SumDood.

Thanks to the quick actions of the concealed carrier in bringing the carjacking to a sudden halt before the criminal could get the car up to speed, the car’s owner was uninjured. If the concealed carrier had not shot the carjacker and the criminal kept accelerating, there is every likelihood that the woman would have been thrown from the vehicle at speed, leading to serious injury or death.

Chalk up yet another life saved and a criminal downed thanks to a good guy with a gun.