If there is one thing that public relations executive Shannon Watts hates, it’s being ignored.

Unfortunately for Michael Bloomberg’s most visible gun control spokesperson, her habit of misleading the media—leaving them in the position of having to issue correction after correction—has burned many bridges for Moms Demand Action and it’s echo, Everytown for Gun Safety.

This was readily apparent Saturday in Nashville this past Saturday, as the group attempted to draw the media’s attention to their protest of the NRA, only to be roundly ignored by the mainstream media, then roundly mocked by those of us who understood the significance of what had occurred.

Perhaps desperate to bounce back after such a crushing public relations defeat, Moms Demand Action in Everytown quickly released a hyperbolic (and anti-climatic) video they had in the can attacking supermarket giant Kroger for daring to follow local,  state, and federal laws regarding the lawful carry of firearms.

Despite the ominous overtones and the suggestions of some sort of hypocrisy in the store’s policies, Bloomberg’s minions can’t get past the simple fact that even in their own video, nothing at all happened. Nor, of course, is the group honest enough to admit that their real goal is a ban on holstered handguns, not the carry of long guns which is both incredibly rare and purely political in nature.

Moms Demand/Everytown is sure to be ignored by Kroger, again, and the freedom-hating bullies don’t like it in the slightest.

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