Tim Harmsen has a range day with various firearms in one of his recent video to the Military Arms Channel, and uses a thermal sight to show just how fast suppressors heat up on various firearms.

He opens up with a shortened Salvo 12 silencer (does that make it a Salvo 6?) on a Kel-Tec KSG, a bullpup pump-action shotgun that has been in the news several times for all the wrong reasons.

It seems that the KSG has a problem with, er, um, “disarming” unfortunately users:

The Only Safe KSG?

PREVIOUS: A reader from Arkansas sent me a horrible photograph of what is left of his hand after he shot himself with a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.

It’s a close-contact wound with a 12 gauge shotgun, something I haven’t seen for quite a while, thankfully.

I decided to make the photo available, to show the damage a shotgun can inflict if mishandled.

It isn’t clear if this unfortunate soul was using a vertical foregrip and had an issue with it breaking off as occurred with a previous KSG user who destroyed his left hand, or if this user simply had his hand slide off the gun and into the path of the muzzle. In either event, the shotgun’s basic design seems to be very problematic.

I’d advise anyone using a KSG to use a suppressor like the Salvo 12 as a matter of safety not just for your hearing, but as a de facto emergency hand-stop in the event of a foregrip failure or a simple slip of the hand.