Emotion-led gun control supporters keep attempting to push the claim that a firearm in the home will only be used against the woman living there in an attempt to scare women from exercising their right to armed self-defense. A woman in Memphis, Tennessee wisely ignored their advise, and grabbed her handgun to even the odds when attacked by her violent ex-boyfriend:

A woman is not facing charges after police say she shot her alleged abusive ex-boyfriend during an attack.

The ex-boyfriend is in critical condition.

“He beat me twice. Three times, it’s a wrap. I don’t want to go through that no more,” said Moody.

Police say the 23-year-old was walking out her apartment early Saturday morning when her ex-boyfriend rushed into the home and assaulted her. Moody grabbed her gun and shot him in self-defense.

The two wrestled for the weapon, before the ex-boyfriend ran off with it , hopped in a truck, and drove off with another woman.

“It’s time for men to stop putting their hands on women,” said Moody.

It’s fortunate that the woman had the gun nearby for her defense, as abuse tends to be progressive, meaning that the attacks get more violent as time goes by. There is a very real possibility that she would be in the hospital—or the morgue—if she did not have a firearm in her home at the time of this attack.

We’re a bit worried over the fact that she was disarmed by her attacker during the assault, but we simply don’t know enough about how the fight went down to offer any critiques of how she lost possession of the weapon.

It could be that she had good defensive handgun training, fired from the retention position, and the guy was simply big enough and strong enough to overpower her no matter her technique.

If you aren’t yet familiar with firing from the retention position, I cannot suggest strongly enough finding a good defensive handgun instructor in your area that will teach you this technique.