Do you continue to carry your concealed weapon once you get home, or do you remove it quickly and put it in your gun safe?

I used to fall into the latter camp when I didn’t have a holster set-up that was comfortable, but now I typically have my gun on me until bedtime. and I wonder if that was also the case in a Denver home invasion last night which saw the intruder shot and killed after forcing his way into the home.

Boulder Police say a suspected home intruder was shot and killed Monday night by a resident of a house on Pima Court.

Boulder Police Cmdr. Tom Trujillo said it happened at 8:40 p.m., at 98 Pima Court, near Highway 36 and Foothills Parkway.

“A male broke through the front glass door and was confronted by a person in the home,” Trujillo said.  “The male was shot and died at the scene.”

Mitchell Byars, a reporter for our partners at the Daily Camera said a man was seen being taken away from the house with paper bags over his hands. This is typically done to preserve forensic evidence.

The “paper bags over the hands” trick preserves gunshot residue (GSR) evidence, so that the authorities can confirm that the person who claims to be the shooter (or in other cases, claims not to be the shooter) is the person who fired the weapon.

There is very little more to go on at this point, but it appears that both people inside the home are cooperating with authorities, and they are treating this as a “good shoot.”