We’ve seen people posting this viral video claiming that it took place in various locations in the United States, which is not true.

Here’s the real story, courtesy of Full30.com:

This attempted robbery took place in Brazil as a couple pulled into their garage. A group of three men hold the door open before it can completely close, and approach the driver side of the car armed with a handgun (seen at 0:37).

The concealed carrier in the driver seat noticed the man approaching and fired several rounds into the attacker. The criminal can be seen letting a shot off at 0:17 as he cowers against the wall.

The 32 year old man who was shot by the driver died from his wounds, and the other two men were apprehended by the authorities.

This is another prime example of a time when local law enforcement can do nothing for you. Your personal safety is your own responsibility.

We’d also note that like the majority of violent crimes, the incident unfolded with incredible speed. You will not have the time or the ability to rack the slide of your pistol and chamber in a round in most defensive use of force encounters.

If you aren’t comfortable carrying with “one in the pipe,” then you lack confidence in your gun, your gear, your training, or all three. That lack of confidence should serve as a wake-up call to correct those deficiencies. It’s a cliched truth that you will not rise to the occasion when bad things happen.

You will default to your level of training and competence.