One of these days criminals are going to learn that armed robbery is not a smart career in a nation where citizens are increasingly obtaining firearms and quality training in defensive gun use.

Wednesday was not that day.

An attempted robbery at a Fort Worth grocery store ended in one of the alleged robbers shot to death by the owner.

It happened at Lincoln Grocery at Lincoln Avenue and NW 16th Street Wednesday around 1:50pm.

The owner, fearing for his life, doesn’t want CBS11 to use his name, but talked to us exclusively.

“Two guys with shotguns come to rob my store. But because they take the money, I shoot them,” the store owner said.

Fort Worth police say three men walked into the store with a shotgun.  One suspect demanded money.  The second one had the shotgun and the third was standing next to the man with the weapon.

Police say the store owner gave his wallet to the first suspect then pulled out a gun and shot the suspect holding a gun.  He died at the scene.

“He grabbed my wallet and got inside to take the money, but I shot them before he take money,” the owner of Lincoln Grocery said.

As a general rule of thumb, police will advise you to comply with armed robbers unless they are extremely aggressive and you feel that they are more likely to shoot you than not. In this instance, the store owner was heavily outnumbered and outgunned, so I’m going to guess than he believed that he had very little to lose, and so he opened fire on them.

Fortunately, most armed robbers break and run at the sight of armed opposition, and the two surviving thugs in this instance did as well.