A Charlotte, NC man has saved the life of a woman by using his personal firearm to shoot and kill the man trying to kill her in an act of third-party self-defense:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said a man and woman were shot on Pegram Street around 9:30 a.m. Investigators told Channel 9 that the man and woman were driving in a car on Pegram Street and arguing.

During the argument, police said the man shot the woman in the leg, causing her to crash into a telephone pole.

Officers said both people got out of the car and that the man continued to shoot at the woman.

A neighbor was inside his house and heard the dispute happening. Officers said he came outside and shot the man.

The man insider the car who shot the woman and was subsequently shot by the homeowner, is identified as Degarrian Santonia Coleman.

The female victim was identified as Coleman’s own grandmother.

The homeowner who intervened to save the woman’s life has been identified as former Mecklenburg County prosecutor Steve Sellers.

Third-party self defense is legal in North Carolina, and as Coleman continued to threaten his grandmother with a gun and refused to put to down when challenged by Sellers, this appears to be a lawful self-defense shooting.

The District Attorney’s Office will conduct the investigation, but all signs point this to being a Good Samaritan with a gun putting his own life on the line to save another human being.