One thing my friends in law enforcement is that there is never a “routine call” until the call is over. What they mean is that even the most benign incident can sometimes turn incredibly dangerous in a matter of a split second.

In this incident, the officer was responding to a landlord’s call to address a suspected case of trespassing at a trailer park. What the officer didn’t know at the time was that the man hiding inside was an armed criminal  with two active warrants who had escaped from a correctional facility, and that he had no intention of being taken alive.

The shooting captured on the body camera is chaotic, and the video afterward captures an incredible amount of detail of the officer’s physiological response, from goose bumps, to shakiness, to labored breathing, to forgetting some basic rules of gun safety after the shooting (you’ll know it when you see it).

Internet gunfighting experts love to boast, “well I’d do _____ differently,” and cop-haters and criminal advocates always scream that the officer should have tried _____ before shooting.”

Go right ahead and put on that uniform, experts.

Tell me how you do.

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