Colion Noir goes off on the racism inherent in the gun control movement and the mainstream media.

Let’s have a real conversation about thug culture violence, folks, so that we can solve the problem. The media’s insistence in trying to blame inanimate objects with the false specter of “gun violence” only infringes upon our liberty, and won’t save a single life.

Telling me I shouldn’t own guns because young black men are more likely to die from “gun violence” is asinine and insulting. You either think I’m too stupid to know that a vast majority of those deaths are drug and gang related, or you’re a racist who thinks simply being black and having a gun makes me more prone to violence.

This race-baiting rhetoric is a disgusting attempt to take advantage of certain sensitivities. Yes, the inner cities’ young black men kill each other at an embarrassingly high rate, but instead of addressing the real issue, anti-gun politicians and the mainstream media would rather exploit the symptoms because there’s no money in the cure.

The vast majority of African-Americans are good, law-abiding people and many of them own guns. Yet the media keeps trying to tell me that the majority of black people are anti-gun. So I guess that poll conducted by the Pew Research Center that found that 54% of black people believe guns protect you from being a crime victim was just the illuminati.

The image of black gun ownership has been hijacked and vilified by an anti-gun mainstream media, the same way they vilified the Cubans, the Italians, the Irish and the Mexicans. They project and glorify this D-boy gangbanging image as if African-Americans are nothing more than that. This creates an insidious form of bigotry and stereotyping that only further divides this country along racial lines…