We’re getting confirmed reports of an “active shooter down” at The Grand 16 movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. We have this first eyewitness account:

Katie Domingue of Carencro was at the 7 p.m. showing of “Train Wreck” with her fiance’, Joshua Doggett. About 20 minutes into the movie, Domingue said, she heard a loud noise.

“We heard a loud pop we thought was a firecracker,” she said.

She saw “an older white man” standing up and shooting down, not in her direction.

“He wasn’t saying anything. I didn’t hear anybody screaming either,” Domingue said.

She heard about six shots, then she and Doggett ran to the nearest exit, leaving behind her shoes and purse.

There are multiple sources claiming six casualties, including the shooter, who apparently committed suicide.

We’ll update as more information can be confirmed.

Update: The Grand Theater is a “gun free zone.”

Update: We’re sadly able to confirm that up to ten have been injured in the attack. We don’t know how serious the casualties are, and what the breakdown is between the more typically serious gunshot wounds and the wounds that may have been caused due to the stampede the escape the attacker. Some news outlets are claiming there may be 1-2 fatalities among the innocent movie-goers.

We can confirm that the thug who carried out this unprovoked attack committed suicide rather than face the consequences of his horrific actions.

Update: Four Lafayette Police officers rushed the theater within minutes of the first “shots fired” call, and found the 58-year-old white male murderer had already taken his life. The identity of the deceased murderer has been confirmed, but will not be released at this time.

Two innocent theater-goers have been confirmed killed, and there are three people with critical injuries being treated in area hospitals, along with four other people with non-critical injuries. There were roughly 100 people in the theater at the start of the attack.

The attacker used a handgun in this attack.

There is no motive known for the attack at this time.