One of the guilty pleasures of many people is laughing at other people whom they find haughty, arrogant, or absurd. It feeds a need in many people to feel superior to someone else, if only temporarily.

That’s clearly what’s going on in the comments of this iFunny clip, as they mock a GIF image of a man fumbling a pistol magazine change.

Indeed, if you read the comments—and there are tons—you hear all sorts of would-be experts and haters mocking the man fumbling the reload.

Meet the man in the clip, Rick Taylor, The World’s Greatest Tactical Instructor.

Here’s the video starring Rick Taylor, World’s Greatest Tactical Instructor. The GIF clip being mocked on iFunny is from the very end of this video.

Folks, Rick Taylor is a fictional character, created by a gun writer/reviewer, combat veteran, and real firearms instructor,  Andrew Tuohy.  “Rick Taylor” mocks some of the horrifically bad “tactical training” videos posted on YouTube by instructors who fake their credentials, training, and experience.

The fumbled reload was on purpose.

Folks mocking “Taylor” got Punk’d.

Tuohy, for his part, is amused.

I can’t say that I blame him.

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