Dry firing is useful but for $129 you can substantially increase your training game by using the LASR (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) system. We give you the run-down of how the system works and share our thoughts on how it can improve your weapons handling.

I went to the LASR web store after watching the video, and found that I could configure a system to meet my needs (the LASR software, laser training aid to fit my 9mm pistol, and the recommended external webcam) for a subtotal of $290… less than the cost of a case of 9mm ammo. I’d be willing to be most of you would come up with a similar total.

It’s a system that can turn your home into a practice range (once you follow all recommended safety precautions) that you and your family can use at any time, in any weather, in the very place you are most likely to need to defend.

In addition, my spouse and I don’t often get the time for a range date together any more, but this would enable her to practice with me when the kids are either at school or in bed.

This concept seems like it contains a lot of “win,” and I’m very seriously thinking about picking up one of these systems for myself.