A North Carolina man who went to a man’s home and shot the owner will not face charges after authorities determined that he was invited to the home, and was then ambushed.

Officials said Logan Jett was asked to come to a home in Newton around 8 a.m. Friday. When he arrived, officials said he was attacked with a club by David Darty.

Jett shot Darty several times and then ran from the home. Darty later died.

Deputies said after the shooting, Jett went to several homes seeking medical attention.

Deputies were called to the scene on Athens Drive, west of Newton, just before 8:30 a.m. and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

Darty’s fiancée said he was shot five or six times.

A neighbor told Faherty that when he opened his front door, Jett had a gun on him but he was armed as well and told him to put down his weapon.

“When he had a gun, I automatically pointed a gun at him,” said Brandon, who did not want to give his last name. “That’s for my safety, because if he had pointed his, it probably would have been game over. I’m not going to lie.”

In other words, Darty invited Jett to his home in order to attack him with an impact weapon, and during the attack Jett was able to produced a weapon and shoot Darty 5-6 times, which stopped the attack.

An injured Jett went to a neighbor for help, and the neighbor, presumably hearing the previous gunshots, armed himself, appraised the wounded Jett as an injured man with a gun but did not fire because Jett was not threatening him. The neighbor then called 9/11 and had EMS and police respond to the scene.

You’ll note that this was two reasonable defensive gun uses by two different people as part of the same incident.

Debbi Jo Albright and Nicholas Smith were arrested for attempted armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery, and we should assume from the charges that they conspired with Darty to attack Jett.