Six years ago, a shooter brought his friend to the range for the first time to let him try out shooting for the first time. While the man he brought was still nervous and scared about firearms after his first range session, it did spark in him a desire to learn more about guns.

That shooter’s friend, Colion Noir, is now one of the most widely recognized Second Amendment advocates in the United States.

Take a friend to the range. You’ll never know how big of a difference it may make.

In this episode of NOIR, “Nothing is Taboo … Expect Gun Safety,” Colion breaks down the public’s perception of gun safety and how the lack of firearms education only bolsters the anti-gun agenda. Then he heads home to Houston to shoot with his buddy Osa who first introduced him to firearms, and we find out what happens when an anti-gunner like Ja-Mes takes her first shot out on the range.