All Tyrell Owens wanted was to come home and crack open a cold beer. A career felon decided that he wanted Owens’s beer, and pointed a gun at Owens’ head.

This was not appreciated by Mr. Owens, who sought cover, pulled his legally concealed pistol and did work.

Tyrell Owens returned home early Sunday with a case of beer and a pistol tucked in his pants.

It was 1:53 a.m. in Pine Hills, moments before 911 calls flooded the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“Give it up,” Owens was told. And then the stranger’s voice blurted, “Oh, [expletive], he has a gun, too.”

In the seconds that followed, multiple gunshots exploded at Avesta Rolling Hills apartments on Pine Chase Drive.

When it was over, Owens survived uninjured.

The stranger ran away leaving a trail of blood. He ran to a white Mercedes-Benz SUV with after-market rims waiting in the parking lot. He fell at least once as a result of his wounds. Later identified as Wilmar Jolteus, 32, he jumped into the passenger seat, and it sped away, a report says.

Later in the night, he was dumped outside the emergency room at Orlando Regional Medical Center, records show.

Jolteus — a convicted felon with 11 prior arrests in South Florida — had been shot in the left leg and his right buttock, records show.

Sheriff’s records complimented Owens’ coolness under fire.

“Jolteus discharged a firearm at Victim Owens in an attempt to cause his death,” the arrest report stated. “Owens’ death was prevented only by his superior tactical positioning and return fire. … Owens, in fear for his life, sought cover behind the wall. The suspect fired at least two rounds at Owens and Owens drew his concealed handgun and returned fire.”

Note that important detail. Owens got to cover first, and then drew his weapon and engaged the would-be beer thief. If you can draw your weapon and move at the same time, that’s peachy, but getting some distance between you and your attacker and finding cover are key as the deputy writing the arrest report astutely noted.

Jolteus has been charged with attempted murder and armed robbery.

Mr. Owens is presumably enjoying his beer.