In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France, including one outside of a packed football (soccer) stadium, a New York city Police Union is calling on the rabidly anti-gun National Football League to eliminate a nonsensical policy that disarms both on-duty and off-duty officers.

The leader of one of New York City police unions is calling for the NFL to change its policy prohibiting officers from carrying guns into stadiums, citing the recent attacks in Paris.

Sgt. Ed Mullins, the president of NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, has created an online petition that is trying to change the NFL’s policy, which currently prohibits on- and off-duty, as well as retired police officers from carrying firearms into NFL stadiums.

The petition has about 1,900 out of the 2,500 it is seeking, as of Wednesday afternoon.

Mullins called the NFL’s rule “illogical.”

“This is not only a law enforcement issue, it is a public safety issue that must be immediately addressed,” said Mullins an email. “NFL stadiums are often publicly funded and receive monetary incentives paid by tax dollars.”

Like malls, schools, concert venues, churches, and other venues where large numbers of people congregate in the tight confines o a “gun free zone,” NFL stadiums are considered prime targets for terrorist attacks.

The NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association is making the (logical) argument that having armed officers inside NFL stadiums will provide a faster response time to a terrorist attack than having to wait for officers to enter the stadium grounds from off the property.

Those of us with even a slight degree of familiarity with the chronology of terrorist attacks and mass shootings know that the faster an armed responder engages the attacker or attackers, the lower the total casualties and the faster the incident is resolved, often by the attack opting to take his or her own life to avoid capture.

So far, the NFL has been resistant to these facts, blinded by they own anti-gun irrationality.

The NFL has been very hostile to the Second Amendment in recent years, and even refused to air a Daniel Defense ad emphasizing personal responsibility, family security, and fundamental rights, and which contained no firearms.