I get the distinct impression that he’s not a fan.

It doesn’t always not work… oh wait, yes it does! It’s the Calico Liberty. Before you ask, YES I WOUND THE MAG! IT DOESN’T HAVE FEEDING PROBLEMS, IT HAS PROBLEMS EJECTING THE EMPTY BRASS. This video details my pathetic attempt to buy an iconic pistol I used to lust after in my childhood, and the brutal let-down of meeting my hero. The Calico Liberty sucks for the same reason the Lamborghini Countach sucks: on paper it looks great, it’s space-age, sleek, fast, high capacity and built with proven tech.. and yet somehow Calico, like the Italians, managed to screw it all up. The difference is despite the Countach’s poor build quality, crummy transmission, aged engine tech and a host of other not-quite-so-practical features, it actually works as a car, whereas the Calico… just doesn’t work as anything… well maybe a paperweight.